Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Gyno Is Like Columbus, Always Making New Discoveries

It's been a while since my last post, mostly because there was so much going on I wasn't sure which topic to write about. There's the usual updates about my uterus, as well as a few new thoughts to ponder on muffin tops, the Goodwill, people riding their bikes with no hands while carrying their baby in a front pack.... So you can see I was torn. Today however, I'm continuing with my angry uterus.

To catch you up to speed, I was on Clomid. Unfortunately, that victory went to my uterus, as the Clomid didn't work. We have thus decided to concede power to my uterus, and wave the theoretical white flag.

After a lot of talking and weighing the options, we have decided to adopt. This was always a plan of ours, we just thought it was going to be after another one of our own children.  Now some have said we didn't try long enough, or that once we go down that adoption road we're sure to get pregnant! Don't give up! But I believe strongly that things happen for a reason. We all have a path laid out before us, (whether we choose to go down it however, is another thing). I find myself, as I know many others do, praying for that big neon sign from God! "Can't you just make is easy for me?"  Well, as I thought about it, I did get a big neon sign when I started my period on Mother's Day, (insert cymbal clash here) after being on Clomid. "Got it Big Guy. Thanks." He has a dry sense of humor, doesn't He.

Now on to my Gyno. It seems every trip to the crotch doc delivers a great big bundle of crap tied in a fancy bow that costs $400.  This last venture has caused me to start calling my doc Christopher, as in Columbus, because, as the title says, he's always finding new, not really exciting discoveries.  This last excursion revealed a not-so fun, but otherwise ah-ha moment for us all.  Satellite images show what appears to be base camp for an army of cysts holding strong inside my ovaries.  Now my Gyno has morphed into my personal George W. finding WMD's buried inside my girlie parts.  Diagnosis, PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and, drum roll please, Endometriosis! Both of which have been contributing factors to my fertility issues.

So, now that we know the culprits behind it all, it seems that adoption, for us, is the right decision. Yes you can get pregnant with both of these problems, after they are taken care of. That, however, could take some time. I have to go back on birth control in hopes to get rid of them both, and in 2 months see how I am feeling. If I'm not better, then the next option is surgery. Woo-hoo! 

I have always wanted to adopt, since I was 4 years old!  So my husband and I truly feel this is what God has in store for us.  It was hard to get pregnant with Dom, and it has proved to be hard again. And with the giant, huge, massive arrows I feel are being shown to me for which direction to take, I just thank God for my son, and look forward to meeting the child God has chosen for us :)


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  1. Thank you so much for writing this post...I have been down this road, and although I have learned to laugh through the moments of tears in my journey, I know how tough it is!!! My kids are both adopted, and although there were years of "clomid" type stories, I wouldn't have it any other way! God does have a plan, and it's perfect at that! Blessings to you in this journey, and keep laughing; you will need it ;).